Interview: Haley Joel Osment on his oblivious Silicon Valley character and huge beard

At the end of this week’s Silicon Valley, Haley Joel Osment’s virtual reality entrepreneur Keenan Feldspar appears grinning next to Stephen Tobolowsky’s Jack Barker in an advertisement for Hooli-Con. But the HBO comedy wasn’t the first time Osment—still probably best known for the iconic roles he played as a child, like in The Sixth Sense—worked with Tobolowsky. Their initial collaboration was on the Disney movie The Country Bears, though that time, Osment was playing an animatronic animal.

Keenan emerges as an unlikely antagonist. After he seemingly makes a deal to buy Pied Piper for $25 million, at the last moment he takes his company to Hooli, dashing our heroes’ hopes of going to the metaphorical Hawaii. Despite that, Osment finds his character more oblivious than underhanded. The A.V. Club spoke to him about that and his impressive beard.

The A.V. Club: You …

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