Interview: Guy Branum on true love, gay open relationships, and Pride And Prejudice

An openly gay comedian who’s appeared on shows like Chelsea Lately, writes for The Mindy Project, and cohosts the podcast Pop Rocket, Guy Branum is used to putting his opinions out there. Like Mindy‘s Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Lately‘s Chelsea Handler, Branum doesn’t shy away from letting friends, strangers, and audiences know what he thinks about everything from Bernie Sanders to Kanye West’s sex life. But though Branum has talked a bit about his sex life on podcasts like Moshe Kasher’s Hound Tall discussion series, what he really thinks about love—whether it’s fated, whether it’s inevitable, and whether it’s necessary—isn’t really something he’s talked about before in the press. That changed when Branum sat down with The A.V. Club backstage at Riot LA, where he talked about not only what he thinks it means to love …

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