Interview: Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch talks to The A.V. Club’s own Dipper and Mabel

Gravity Falls airs its series finale tonight, February 15, and as sad as that event may be, creator Alex Hirsch and crew deserve many kudos for going out at the top of their game. Despite an extremely haphazard broadcast schedule, Gravity Falls has transformed from a quirky monster-of-the-week show to an ingenious allegory about the terrors inherent in growing up. Nowhere has that been more apparent than in the show’s final episodes, the Weirdmageddon trilogy, in which sinister supernatural triangle Bill Cipher rips reality apart, resulting in a beyond-nightmarish scenario for twins Dipper and Mabel Pines and friends. Speculation about the series finale runs rampant online, with fans spinning theories from clues, possible red herrings, and the encrypted messages shown at the end of every episode. Tonight’s extended final effort, “Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls,” has about a hour to solve these mysteries and put the universe …

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