Interview: Girls director Richard Shepard on Matthew Rhys’ guest spot and fake penis

Note: This interview discusses major plot points of “American Bitch.”

From the most simple summary, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen Girls‘ episode “American Bitch” before. Just like in season two’s “One Man’s Trash,” Hannah finds herself in a gorgeous New York City home with a man twice her age. But the circumstances have drastically altered. While “One Man’s Trash” was a hazy sex-fest, this episode is a tautly wound battle of perspectives. Multiple women have accused author Chuck Palmer (played impeccably by The Americans‘ Matthew Rhys) of engaging them in sexual encounters that were not consensual, and Hannah has written an article about the charges. She’s an admirer of Chuck’s work, but irate with the alleged infractions and the cultural implications of a lauded man abusing his position. He invites her over to confront her, convince her she’s wrong, and …

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