Interview: Doug Benson is probably high right now

Not since Cheech & Chong has somebody made a career out of being high all the time like Doug Benson. The comedian first made his mark as a supporting character on Mr. Show in the late ’90s, then contributed to shows like Best Week Ever while releasing a number of comedy albums. He moved on to his own popular podcasts like Doug Loves Movies and Getting Doug With High. His previous Comedy Central series, The Benson Interruption, was based on a stand-up show he’s hosted in Los Angeles for many years. But his 2007 movie Super High Me nailed his stature as the perennially stoned guy.

At the Television Critics Association conference in January, only one performer on a panel got asked by a journalist if he was “high right now,” and that was Doug Benson. He showed up in judicial robes and gavel to promote his new Comedy …

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