Interview: Does Rectify’s Abigail Spencer think her on-screen brother is guilty?

Abigail Spencer taught Sally Draper how to build a camera obscura, failed to get Ted Mosby to remember her name, and can currently be seen in the second season of True Detective. But for the past three years, viewers of Rectify have known her best as Amantha Holden. After devoting most of her life to getting her brother Daniel off of death row, Amantha sees that dream reach fruition, then witnesses the slew of complications that follow Daniel’s release from prison. Those complications include Amantha returning to her small Georgia hometown, an arc that often set Spencer apart from her co-stars while her character pondered her next move. Rectify returns for its third season on Sundance Thursday, July 9, at 10 p.m. Eastern; The A.V. Club caught up with the actor at the ATX Television Festival, where she spoke about the new season, playing a woman “on …

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