Interview: David F. Walker talks Shaft, Cyborg, and a changing industry

Though he’s been working on comics for years, David F. Walker only recently started to get the attention his talent deserves after a critically acclaimed run writing Shaft for Dynamite Comics. His steady hand with multifaceted plots and skill at nuanced characterizations have served him well writing a variety of different books, including the recent Secret Wars: Battleworld #2 and Cyborg #1, out this week. The A.V. Club talked to Walker about Cyborg, Shaft, blaxploitation narratives, and his favorite comic-book characters.

The A.V. Club: You have so much experience outside of comics—you spent years working as a journalist, a filmmaker, and a pop-culture critic. Was writing comics always part of the plan for you or was it a recent development?

David F. Walker: Getting involved with comics, not even writing them but being involved, was always the first goal. I went to The Kubert School in …

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