Interview: Craig DiGregorio on leaving Ash Vs. Evil Dead and the original season two finale

The second season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead has come to an end, and naturally, there are a lot of questions on the table. At the very top is where the series will head now that showrunner Craig DiGregorio has stepped down and will be replaced by Battlestar Galactica and Daredevil producer Mark Verheiden. Ahead of the finale, The A.V. Club spoke to DiGregorio about his sudden departure, the ensuing tensions behind the scenes, and the original idea for the second season finale.

The A.V. Club: It was quietly reported last month that you would be stepping down as showrunner for Ash Vs. Evil Dead. What happened?

Craig DiGregorio: Honestly, it was a big difference of opinion on what the show should be. It’s weird—when you do something with an established property, it’s great because people already love the characters and the world. The downside …

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