Interview: Christine’s Rebecca Hall on humanizing a televised suicide

Rebecca Hall doesn’t describe herself as “Method,” but when she was on the set of Christine she rarely left character. It was practical—vocally, she had to maintain a throaty American dialect, she explained to The A.V. Club in her proper British accent at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. “The crew and the cast got used to Christine, and everyone cared about her, including me,” she said.

The real Christine Chubbuck’s life has generated more morbid curiosity than affection: In 1974, just shy of her 30th birthday, she committed suicide during a live broadcast of the local Sarasota news program for which she worked. But Hall’s performance revels in Christine’s joy and her ambition as much as it tries to peek into her troubled mind. The versatile actor—known for her roles in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and The Town—presents Christine as a …

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