Interview: Andy Daly reviews the end of Review

After three seasons, dozens of meticulously evaluated life experiences, and 45 pancakes, Review is coming to a close. The deliriously black comedy has dragged Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly, who developed the show along with Jeffrey Blitz and Charlie Siskel) through several dark nights of the soul, ever vigilant in his quest to definitively rank the stuff of life on a five-star scale: such innocuous experiences as stealing (two stars) and being the life of the party (three and a half stars) to trickier subjects such as being a racist (half a star) and killing a person (half a star again—there are no zero-star reviews!). Following the death-defying plunge that capped off season two, the third and final season opens with Forrest still on trial for murder, but otherwise undaunted in the duties only he deems necessary. Ahead of the premiere, The A.V. Club spoke with Daly about why …

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