Interview: Alison Brie on her “sexless” GLOW character and getting thrown around a ring

This interview discusses plot points for GLOW.

Alison Brie is good at playing underachieving overachievers. On Community, she was Annie, the type-A student whose breakdown landed her with the Greendale misfits. Now, on Netflix’s new GLOW, she’s Ruth, a dedicated actress who goes to scene-study class, yet can’t seem to get cast in a project. That is until she finds herself auditioning for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, based on the real-life female wrestling series of the same name. Ruth is a different kind of female antihero than we’re used to seeing. She does an unimpeachably bad thing in the first episode by having sex with her best friend’s husband, but she’s also an off-kilter dork, a theater kid trying way too hard. We spoke to Brie about Ruth’s dichotomies and how she learned to kill it in the ring.

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