Interview: Alfred Molina on his “morally complicit” Feud character

On Feud Alfred Molina’s Robert Aldrich is a man in the midst of a dubious balancing act. As the director of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, he’s both trying to keep his warring leading ladies happy while undermining them for what he thinks is the success of the film. He wants to be a good husband, but is also having affairs. Which brings us to Sunday’s episode. He rebuffs Joan Crawford’s (Jessica Lange) advances, but ends up consoling Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) late one night after her daughter B.D. (Kiernan Shipka) insults her and leaves home. Their commiseration turns into an exchange of compliments and they land in a kiss. The rest is just implied.

Molina plays Aldrich with a beleaguered air, allowing him to be both fundamentally decent without letting him off the hook for his perhaps unintentionally malevolent actions. The A.V …

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