Interview: Abigail Spencer on shifting from the poetry of Rectify to the time travel of Timeless

Abigail Spencer is one of those actors who has steadily gained momentum over the course of several years, so that now she almost seems ubiquitous: working up from an All My Children role as a teenager to her current status as the lead of two TV series. After guest stints on shows from Ghost Whisperer to My Boys, she resonated as one of Don Draper’s many brunette paramours (certainly, the nicest one) on Mad Men. That arc led to spots on Suits, True Detective (but, season two), and her career-defining role as Amantha on Sundance’s first scripted series, the critically acclaimed (and Peabody Award-winning) Rectify. That series starts its fourth and final season next Wednesday, October 26. Meanwhile, Spencer recently kicked off her starring role in the ambitious new NBC time-travel series, Timeless.

At the Television Critics Association conference this summer, the extremely busy Spencer took a few …

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