Home Video Hell: Watching Blade and Walt Jr. resist an alien invasion is as silly as it sounds

Home Video Hell is where filmic outcasts—straight-to-video, straight-to-VOD, or barely released—spend eternity.

The condemned: The Recall

The plot: The Recall is one of those films that makes you look at an earlier Home Video Hell entry like the Shannen Doherty-inclusive Bethany and think to yourself, “Man, those people really knew what they were doing.” An odd cross between an alien abduction movie and a cabin-in-the-woods creature feature, the film fails at both by not understanding basic mechanics of storytelling, along with a script that does no favors to anyone looking for consistent… well, much of anything, really. (There is one delightful exception, and his name rhymes with Nestle Stripes.) Two odious twentysomething guys, two backstory-less women, and Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad (R.J. Mitte, here rocking a ’90s goth-industrial kid haircut) pile into a car and head for a Labor Day weekend cabin retreat in the woods …

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