Hear This: Shinobu is done with bullshitting

In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well. This week, we’re talking about the songs we like most when the weather gets warm.

Shinobu, “Not Gonna Happen” (2003)

Though the band’s existed for over a decade, the critical re-evaluation of Shinobu has only recently gotten underway. Springing to life in 2002, the San Jose band didn’t arrive fully formed, but one of its best songs came quick: the warm and sunny “Not Gonna Happen.”

Like many bands getting their start in the early 2000s, Shinobu gave “Not Gonna Happen” to a compilation full of other young, like-minded acts. Labels employed this tactic to get the most music in front of as many fans as they could, all for as little money as possible. Successful compilation appearances could bolster a band’s profile, but they could just as easily leave a …

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