Hear This: Read this: A woman Dr. Dre beat up reviews Straight Outta Compton

A lot has already been said about the way Straight Outta Compton both glorifies violence and hypes up N.W.A., and that’s probably all true, a symptom of a biopic both made too soon and with the involvement of some of its subjects. What hasn’t been talked about—enough, at least—is how the film dramatically underplays N.W.A.’s problematic relationship with misogyny and sexism.

Thankfully, Gawker set out to resolve that a little, getting one-time Dr. Dre punching bag and all-time journalist Dee Barnes to watch and review the film for a piece smartly titled “Here’s What’s Missing From Straight Outta Compton: Me And The Other Women Dr. Dre Beat Up.” The result is a deeply personal piece about Barnes’ relationship to both the early ‘90s hip-hop scene and to the music industry today. Whether you’re familiar with her story going …

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