Hear This: “Head Like A Hole” captured the dangerous allure of Nine Inch Nails

In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well. This week: Songs we felt we had to hide from others.

Nine Inch Nails, “Head Like A Hole” (1989)

“The guy told me they’re satanists!” my mom said. I don’t remember how Nine Inch Nails came up, but apparently my mom was investigating the word on the street about this upstart industrial band from Cleveland. And by “the street,” I mean “a record store,” where some jackass hipped my mom—a fervent Catholic—to the Lucifer-loving ways of Trent Reznor. She was unmoved by my June 1990 issue of Thrasher magazine, where I highlighted Reznor discussing his band’s debut, Pretty Hate Machine: “I didn’t want to come across as an industrial, snarling, Satan-singing entity. That’s not what Nine Inch Nails is.”

Within a year or two, my mom would give …

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