Great Job, Internet!: YouTube star Jake Paul is terrorizing his neighborhood by being a little asshole

As we wait around for Justin Bieber to piss in another mop bucket, the celebrities of YouTube are showing us all what it means to be the worst people on the planet. You may feel like Norm Macdonald at the YouTube Big Live Comedy Show when kids start dropping names like Austin Jones, DaddyOFive, and PewDiePie, but considering one’s an alleged predator, another a child abuser, and the third one an anti-Semite, that’s probably a good thing.

The latest YouTube sensation to be a horrible person is Jake Paul, a 20-year-old Disney actor with more than 8 million followers on YouTube. There, he’s established himself as a modern-day Ashton Kutcher (by way of Jackass) via elaborate pranks and stunts. So successful are his videos that he just bought a house in West Hollywood, where he routinely hosts his entourage and an endless stream of fans he calls …

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