Great Job, Internet!: Your PS4 might be a cockroach apartment complex

The PlayStation 4 is so much more than a gaming machine—it is a streaming media hub, a gateway to live sports broadcasts, and also, Kotaku reports, an attractive modern home for chittering swarms of cockroaches. Writer Cecilia D’Anastasio learned this when visiting a console repair shop that had “black garbage bags… full of roaches” piled up in the corner.

Che added that roach-infested PS4s are so common that XCubicle now charges a $25 “roach fee.” They get at least one each week. Other console repairmen interviewed say that at least half of the PS4s they receive are loaded with roaches.

Uncharted 4, by comparison, was loaded onto around 20 percent of PS4 consoles (no word on how many broken PS4s it has been found inside). Why do more roaches choose the PS4? They love the amenities: the wide base vents they can swagger through like saloon doors, the …

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