Great Job, Internet!: Your favorite reality show might depend on which state you live In

Okay, reality TV connoisseurs: It’s time to come out.

This week, released a map of the reality-television watching habits of people in America, and the results are not surprising. The map features the number one show favored by a state, and then a further breakdown covers the next two popular shows and a correlating fact that’s based on an analysis from Google Trends.

For example, California is rich (“…top 3 nationally for income and median house price”) and prefers to keep up with the Kardashians. The whole of the East Coast would rather engage with the not-so-friendly competition of The Apprentice and America’s Next Top Model, and lighten up with goings-on of Long Island’s favorite (only?) medium. Utah keeps their Sister Wives close, Nevada prides its Pawn Stars, and southern states embrace their Duck Dynasty.

A few surprises pop up because maybe you forgot …

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