Great Job, Internet!: You have earned 5 minutes of insane floppy naked people

CGI technology has come a long way in the past few decades. Using various techniques, filmmakers can now create realistic-looking humans out of thin air and ask them to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible for flesh and blood actors. Of course, the ultimate purpose of all these advancements is to give creatives the freedom to finally achieve the height of artistic expression, i.e. manufacture hordes of floppy naked people. On the forefront of the floppy genre is filmmaker David Lewandowski, who previously released the short films Going to the Store and Late for Meeting, and has now returned with his magnum opus, Time for Sushi.

While his previous efforts focused on the adventures of one floppy protagonist, Lewandowski’s newest piece features an entire army of flailing naked people squiggling along to a happy jazz tune as they make their way through a Japanese city to their …

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