Great Job, Internet!: You cannot buy because our president already owns it

It is not uncommon for large businesses to snatch up domain names, both to prevent other people from taking spots they may someday want and to stop unsavory domains from being launched. The latter of these is why, for example, Disney owns the domain—there was a DJ out there with that name, and the family-friendly company didn’t want his salacious name to gain much traction. Still, the domains that people buy do point toward the thinking of the empires in question, which is why it’s worth looking at the vast digital real estate held by the Trump Organization, which is still owned by our hopelessly corrupt kleptocratic commander in chief.

CNN has scoured the records of his digital holdings, and they don’t so much reveal anything new about Trump as illustrate his corporation’s infantile style of power-branding. The domains show possible ventures into …

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