Great Job, Internet!: You can make your computer “sing” Dr. Horrible’s “Bad Horse” song to you

Taking something that was already pretty charming and dorky—Joss Whedon’s “The Writer’s Guild is on strike and I am not yet the King Of All Superhero Movies” lark Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blogand driving it to affably geekish extremes, you can now make your computer “sing” the series’ “Bad Horse” song to you via a little bit of command prompt trickery. The end result looks something like this:

If you want to see the nerdy magic yourself, here’s how to do it: If you’re on Windows, bring up your command prompt, and type in “tracert -h 64” (You can get a command prompt by hitting your Windows key+r and typing “cmd,” or just searching for Command Prompt in the Windows Search interface.) On Mac, open up Network Utility, click the traceroute tab, and enter “” into the field. Now, on …

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