Great Job, Internet!: Yep, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is still the worst

At this point, hopefully everyone knows that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a non-stop creepfest. What masquerades as a cheerful little holiday ditty is really a hellscape of a song with messages of entrapment and date rape, and almost murderous undertones. And while acts like She & Him have tried to make it palatable for the modern age, Casey Wilson and Scott Aukerman haven’t been convinced. That’s the message behind the pair’s new holiday clip for Funny Or Die, which finds the pals dramatically acting out the actual lyrics to the song, all while singing along. While some might think liberties have been taken with the lyrics for the sake of the video (Has that “What’s in this drink?” line always been in there? Jesus.) a quick internet search reveals that, yep, those are the actual lyrics to the holiday classic, in all their nonconsensual …

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