Great Job, Internet!: WWE entrance themes reimagined as soft rock, bring different kind of pain

The music hits and the crowd goes crazy for what it implies—the entrance of everyone’s favorite wrestler. Usually screeching guitars and staccato drums announce that a true warrior is heading to the ring. But what if the music was a bit more soothing and the lyrics were far more on point ? That seems to be the impetus behind the new entrance themes by YouTube user Dotflist (a.k.a. Erik Helwig a.k.a. Hot Dad).

Take Brock Lesnar, for example, and his standard music that accompanies him every time he flexes and stretches on his way to the ring:

Sure, that promises to “bring the pain,” but isn’t it all just a bit too aggro? Now take Helwig’s version, which is more appropriate for an ’80s sitcom about a human wrecking ball:

It’s a gentler, softer approach that’s much easier to sing along …

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