Great Job, Internet!: Wow, “Bitch” singer Meredith Brooks sure hates Hillary Clinton

Even though the election is almost over, we are still learning new things about each candidate. To wit: While there’s been a lot of hate slung at Hillary Clinton over the years, we didn’t know until just very recently that some of it comes from singer Meredith Brooks, whose feminist anthem “Bitch” just missed topping the charts back in 1997. In fact, as Fusion noted, Brooks not only dislikes Clinton, she’s taken to Twitter on numerous occasions to denounce her. Wow, what else can 2016 bring us?

As a free woman it’s hard to support #HilaryClinton who takes millions from a country demonstrating horrific treatment of women #SaudiArabia

— MeredithBrooks (@MeredithBrooks) June 16, 2016

While Brooks doesn’t support Donald Trump either, she believes that Clinton is corrupt, dishonest, hypocritical, and even emasculating. It’s also worth noting that Brooks still identifies as a feminist, but many …

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