Great Job, Internet!: Won’t someone help this Craigslist sun worshiper conceive an eclipse-powered superbaby?

We’re ten days out from a big solar eclipse in the U.S., one that’s already got people securing their glasses, aligning their chakras, and descending on locations in the event’s projected path like celestial-conjunction-hungry locusts. But few of us are really thinking about what the eclipse could mean for the world, not just in terms of tourism, or a reminder of our relative smallness in the grand scheme of things, but in its far more important capacity for letting us create solar-powered super babies to usher in the next age of mankind.

Luckily, one Craigslist pioneer is actually thinking ahead about this stuff; per GQ, a Craigslist ad popped up in Oregon this week from a guy inviting some lucky lady to straddle his sundial during the event, the better to channel its astrological energy into making sweet, sweet, love and powerful, powerful star babies. Sadly …

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