Great Job, Internet!: Wonderful, insane theory claims Kendrick Lamar is dropping another record this Sunday

This morning, Kendrick Lamar released Damn., a 55-minute stretch of Love Below funk, Compton bounce, and characteristically dense ruminations on fame, fate, and violence in America. It’ll give rap nerds bars to parse for months to come, and some of these beats are going to pop up on mixtapes for years. And yet, as is quickly becoming a trend, people are clamoring for a secret immediate follow-up. There’s an elaborate theory brewing, and, while compelling, it is probably total horseshit.

The theory, popularized in an all-caps Reddit post titled “SECOND ALBUM COMING ON EASTER. THIS IS ACTUALLY NOT A BAMBOOZLE GUYS” goes as follows: Kendrick dies on the album’s intro and on the final track sets out to die again, making the record a sort of cycle of death. Today is also Good Friday, on which the crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated in the Christian church. TDE …

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