Great Job, Internet!: Woke Patriot fans are turning every touchdown tomorrow into money for good causes

It’s going to be a weird Sunday for woke fans of the New England Patriots, as the team heads into the Super Bowl led by at least three men—team owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick, and the team’s immortal, golden-armed cannon man, Tom Brady—who’ve all endorsed or supported President Donald Trump.

Admittedly, most followers of the Patriots religion probably aren’t going to put politics ahead of their service to their chosen god. But for those feeling some twinges at cheering the team on tomorrow, Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman and his friend Emma Sandoe have a possible solution: #AGoodGame, a campaign encouraging fans to donate to causes like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood every time the Patriots score.

If you have political Patriots fan ambivalence, maybe pledge a little money to a good cause when they score using the hashtag: #AGoodGame

— Josh Gondelman …

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