Great Job, Internet!: Witness this supercut of POV shots from the original Mad Max trilogy

What a supercut. What a lovely supercut! In order to earn a place in Valhalla, video essayist Rishi Kaneria has put together a montage of all the point of view action shots in the original Mad Max trilogy. The resulting video honors both the trilogy’s impressive stunt work and director George Miller’s storytelling skills.

“One of the reasons George Miller’s action scenes work so well and make so much sense is because they are grounded in the character’s point of view,” Kaneria explains. “By doing this he literally puts you into the action using nonverbal visual, almost operatic, storytelling—something Hitchcock would call ‘pure cinema.’”

And for those who only know the franchise through the much-lauded Mad Max: Fury Road, this video is also a good intro to the ever-changing aesthetic of Mad Max (1979), Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981), and Mad Max Beyond …

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