Great Job, Internet!: Witness the terrifying ascension of Geico advertising with this supercut

“Why does Geico have three different spokespeople? They have the cavemen, the lizard, and then the stack of money with the eyeballs!” “And the fake Rod Serling guy!” So observed Matt Damon and Tina Fey way back in 2010 in an episode of 30 Rock which now, if anything, seems too tolerant and insufficiently outraged. The Geico situation has only grown more dire in the ensuing five years, with dozens upon dozens of spots featuring an ever-growing variety of characters and catchphrases. Back in 2010, for instance, Damon and Fey had yet to witness the arrival of the wise-cracking “Humpday” camel or that “free range” hobo chicken who rides the rails to the wistful sounds of Roy Orbison. Even the once-innocent Dora The Explorer has recently been absorbed, Borg-style, into the Geico collective. It has gotten to the point where, if Geico ads were physical pieces of discarded waste, they …

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