Great Job, Internet!: Wired mapped out True Detective’s insanely time-defying road trips

True Detective has always featured a lot of driving. Sometimes it felt like the first season was composed of Matthew McConaughey driving around in a Lincoln and philosophizing in the one-minute bursts that came on while you were watching other shows. But at least Detectives Cole and Hart limited their travels to a relatively small area of the Louisiana bayou.

Season two splits most of its time between Los Angeles, which is in Southern California, and Monterey, which is in Central California. Now, TV has always famously glossed over the difficulties of driving around L.A.—Jack Bauer could reliably drive from anywhere to anywhere in the span of a commercial break. But Detectives Bezzerides and Velcoro make the 420-mile jaunt halfway across the state in seemingly every episode, and always during the course of an otherwise-busy day.

How far does that stretch credulity? Wired is glad you asked. The …

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