Great Job, Internet!: Winter and dick references are coming in the McBride Of Thrones trailer

With the premiere of a new season of Games Of Thrones comes the attendant blitz of online nonsense trying to loosely affiliate itself with the massive HBO hit. Perhaps none of these efforts were dumber than Chili’s bizzarely terrible “Game Of Tacos” ads, but nobody can add dumb to something quite like Danny McBride. The man who excels at playing clueless assholes, it seems, can dumb up just about anything. And so we get McBride Of Thrones, a recut trailer for season five of Game Of Thrones that adds McBride’s hapless buffoon from notably awful movie Your Highness to the mix. As mashups go, the worlds of Westeros and Mourne match up fairly smoothly. It probably doesn’t hurt that you can find Charles Dance in both of them, thereby easing the jarring transition from Jon Snow fighting to McBride falling down a flight of stairs in a …

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