Great Job, Internet!: Winnipeg weirdness abounds in a pair of great short films

With the abundance of film festivals, not to mention sites like Vimeo and YouTube, short films are becoming even more popular for young filmmakers who wish to get their movies out there. They’ve become great stepping stones for people like Neill Blomkamp (District 9), Astron-6 (The Editor), RKSS (Turbo Kid), and shorts can even be launching pads for others to adapt them (Pixels, ugh). The latest group to throw its hat in the evergrowing short film ring is a Winnipeg collective that has produced a pair of shorts that hit the film-festival circuit.

Markus Henkel, Milos Mitrovic, Ian Bawa, and Fabian Velasco (known collectively as Markus. Milos. Ian. Fabian) make uniquely dark and absurd films that are like a mashup between fellow countrymen Astron-6 and fellow Winnipegian Guy Maddin. They offer simple character studies of people in emotionally intense situations that come with an absurd twist, which makes them …

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