Great Job, Internet!: Wilco makes an intimate return to NPR’s Tiny Desk series

Wilco’s brand of neo-Americana is well suited for both a fleshed-out instrumental set-up and a more intimate atmosphere. The latter is what the group went with for its recent Tiny Desk concert, which, like all Tiny Desk concerts, is played in the cramped NPR offices while surrounded by public radio employees and jam-packed book shelves.

The band dug deep for its setlist (unlike during the beginning of recent shows, when the group has played its 2015 album Star Wars in its entirety), starting with Star Wars track “The Joke Explained” before playing “Misunderstood” from 1996’s Being There, then closing with “I’m Always In Love” and “Shot In The Arm,” both from 1999’s Summerteeth. Wilco also performed a Tiny Desk show in 2011, which is a rarity considering that the concert series tends to stay away from repeat performers. But as NPR’s Bob Boilen put it …

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