Great Job, Internet!: Why does Nicole Kidman clap like that and will she stop it please?

Amid a night characterized by chaos and confusion, one unsettling question still lingers from this year’s Academy Awards: Why does Nicole Kidman clap like that? What is wrong with Nicole Kidman that she doesn’t know how to clap? Why does it feel like we’ve punched through some ragged hole in the space-time continuum and the mask of normalcy that once barely covered the rictus grin of madness just beneath is now peeling away? Can you please stop clapping like that, Nicole Kidman? You’re freaking everyone out.

Quick recap. Nicole Kidman can act, but can’t clap. #Oscars

— Jamie Golden (@jamiebgolden) February 27, 2017

Kidman’s version of what you humans call “clapping”—palms lightly touching, fingers rigidly arched away from each other as though embarrassed by such vulgarity—was caught by cameras twice during the broadcast, leading viewers to wonder aloud what …

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