Great Job, Internet!: “Why did they call it Joy?”: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence roast each other

The publicity trail can take some strange detours, as Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt found out when they stopped by the BBC Radio 1 studios in London to promote their upcoming sci-fi film, Passengers. There, host Scott Mills persuaded them to participate in a game called “Playground Insults.” The rules are simple: The players sit, facing each other, attempting to maintain eye contact while exchanging childish taunts. “The game ends,” Mills says, “when someone absolutely loses it or makes the killer insult.” The point is to make the other person laugh, Mills emphasizes, not to wound an opponent with words. Even so, Pratt seems to have an unfair advantage, as Lawrence cannot keep a straight face even when the rules of the game are being read aloud. She’s never more than a few seconds away from laughing.

Pratt and Lawrence genuinely seem to like each other (“I can’t …

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