Great Job, Internet!: Who knew the sounds of Miami Connection paired so well with Friends?

If Ross were a katana-wielding rock star, or if Phoebe had gone up against a bunch of coke-slinging ninjas, then Friends definitely would have been “Must See TV.” At least, that’s the impression that’s made by this mashup by Bo Swidersky, which takes a song from so-bad-it’s-great masterpiece Miami Connection and puts it over the opening credits of the ’90s sitcom. The dulcet tones of Dragon Sound’s “Friends” plays almost perfectly over the opening sequence while the gang from Friends gallivants in and around a fountain. It seems fated the two would work so well, going beyond just the basic lyrics of the power of friendship, as the cuts and movements of the cast of the NBC hit show syncs up very well with the awkward song about being friends to the end.

For added pleasure, Swidersky also plays the show’s original theme, The Rembrandts …

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