Great Job, Internet!: Where’s Waldo? gets a 360-degree makeover in this interactive video

Mankind’s relentless search for Waldo (or, outside of the U.S. and Canada, Wally) is one that has been ongoing since 1987, when English illustrator Martin Handford’s elusive stripe-shirted character first began appearing in his bestselling picture books before spawning video games, a comic strip, and even a television series. For nearly 30 years, world traveler Waldo has been the grinning, bespectacled Moby Dick to the rest of humanity’s Captain Ahab, forever blending into crowd scenes and daring readers, viewers, and players to locate him. And, just when it seemed like the Thatcher-era franchise had no more to offer the world, along comes Corridor Digital with an ingenious interactive video called “Where’s Waldo 360” that takes the traditional Where’s Waldo? experience and makes it truly immersive. YouTube has been supporting 360-degree videos since March 2015, and now it seems like the technology has finally been …

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