Great Job, Internet!: When True Detective meets Natalie Imbruglia, things get “Torn”

According to the True Detective teaser HBO released earlier this month, the second season of the anthology series is going to be about a bunch of men on the verge of tears and Rachel McAdams holding a gun. Or it will actually be about a string of murders connected to the Southern California highway system, but man that trailer packs a lot of shots of almost-at-their-boiling-point men into a single minute.

The vibe, however, changes dramatically when the trailer’s hollow, brooding score—which was written specifically for True Detective—is swapped out for something equally angsty but a little more ‘90s. A true internet hero has put Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” behind the original trailer, and suddenly the noir has a lot more sexual tension. It’s at least a better fit for the setting of sunny Southern California.

Maybe it’s time for True Detective to switch out …

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