Great Job, Internet!: When there is no more room in San Francisco, rebuild it in a video game

A Redditor of remarkable patience and determination has constructed their own, incredibly detailed digital replica of the city of San Francisco. Using a modified version of Cities: Skylines, the Redditor meticulously rebuilt such monuments as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Pier 39, and Colt Tower. It only took them 200 hours to build the virtual city—or five weeks of full-time employment, which is coincidentally how long it takes to find an apartment in the real San Francisco.

Said Redditor—who goes by the name “radiativeDoctor”—says the project was completed while simultaneously defending a Ph.D. Their photorealistic, eerily depopulated version of the “City By The Bay” was based on images from Google Maps. San Francisco, they contend, was a logical choice for this kind of project, because it’s “a city that will be well rendered by the game” due to its “famous emblem[s],” and the …

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