Great Job, Internet!: What happened to Gerard Butler’s career?

About 10 years ago, Gerard Butler and his washboard abs blasted onto the big screen in the box-office hit 300, making him a star. To this day, if you Google Gerard Butler, the first thing that comes up is his 300 workout. Unfortunately for Butler, not much else pops up, as he has failed over the past decade to capitalize on that 300 momentum. A new video from Looper outlines just where Butler went wrong.

The video first points to a factor that affects most of the other ones mentioned: Butler’s age. He was already 27 by the time he decided he wanted to be an actor, leaving his law career behind. So he missed the many years of technical and educational training many actors go through. Subsequently, certain acting tools are a major stumbling block for him: accents, for example. Looper points out that Gods Of Egypt likely …

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