Great Job, Internet!: What ever happened to the kids from Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train”?

Soul Asylum’s 1993 power ballad “Runaway Train,” penned by frontman Dave Pirner, became a defining hit of the ’90s thanks in large part to its memorable video directed by Tony Kaye. Though the song is about depression, Kaye used the video to spotlight the issue of teen runaways, even including the names and images of real-life missing persons. In fact, there are numerous versions of the “Runaway Train” video, because children’s names and pictures were removed once they returned home.

In a story for Mel magazine called “The Lost Children of ‘Runaway Train,’” Elon Green discusses how the video came to be and what impact it had on the young people featured in it. Green interviews one woman who tearfully reconciled with her mother after seeing her own picture in the Soul Asylum video. She’d run away from home a few years earlier to live with her …

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