Great Job, Internet!: We’ve basically used the same memes to argue about feminism for 100 years

With America on the verge of electing its first-ever female president, social media platforms are currently rife with memes about feminism. “This is nothing new,” you might say—and you would be very right. But how old those memes are might surprise you.

In a piece for The Atlantic titled “The Weird Familiarity Of 100-Year-Old Feminist Memes,” writer Adrienne LaFrance compares the ubiquitous internet images of 2016 with the postcards and political cartoons of a century ago. In doing so, she finds some startling parallels. In the early decades of the 20th century, America was struggling with the question of whether women should be given the right to vote. Suffragists argued that voting was a birthright for all Americans; anti-suffragists claimed that it would lead to the emasculation and subjugation of men, an argument you can still see espoused across weightlifting forums throughout the internet.

Even back then, we couldn …

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