Great Job, Internet!: Westerojans: The condoms that could solve Game of Thrones’ problems

The world of Game Of Thrones is overflowing with children born out of wedlock, constantly working as evidence of infidelity or growing up to flay off people’s skin. Brooklyn-based comedy troupe Shorts Show has a solution to the problem, which they’ve presented to the world as an ad for “Westerojans: A Condom Of Fire And Ice.” Hosted by aptly-named Shorts Show member Nick Snow, doing an impression of Aidan Gillen’s Littlefinger that basically starts and stops at his reasonably accurate facial hair, the short is an impassioned ad that reminds the viewer, “Genitals are a lot like a king: Without protection, they’re vulnerable.” To be fair, it’s a very simple, very puerile joke, but the writers and actors manage to take it through more idiotically gleeful permutations than one might expect. By the time Melisandre comes on screen with one of her monstrous shadow babies …

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