Great Job, Internet!: We’re not going to try to be clever here: This is a shovel covering Nirvana

A Nirvana cover is nothing special. Every high school band has had its members try on their best striped sweaters and attempt to work through “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” usually with disastrous results. Even when Nirvana covers are great—which they often can be—it can often feel like something’s missing. But no one would have guessed that what was needed to take a ”Smells Like Teen Spirit” cover to the next level was a shovel. To be clear: What you are about to see is not a video of someone playing a shovel. No, it is of a shovel serendipitously launching the best cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” you’ll hear today. As Deadspin points out, it’s hard to say exactly why this shovel-cover is so perfect, but it just is.

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