Great Job, Internet!: Welcome to hell: A supercut of Donald Trump saying his own name

Warning: The following video contains Donald Trump saying his own name around 460 times in a mere four minutes. Digital artist Sam Lavigne created it using a program he designed that automatically generates supercuts by blasting through a set of videos’ subtitle tracks. Here, the program crawled C-SPAN’s archive of Trump videos and spliced together every moment of Donald Trump saying Donald, Trump, or Donald Trump. Do not watch if you’re eating.

The results are a little bit hilarious, a little bit harrowing, and surprisingly instructive about how Trump talks—and thinks—about himself. The two most common tones are a cartoonish strongman bellow and a malevolent simper; often his upraised hand seems to suggest that he is quoting someone else or saying his name as it might appear in a headline. One theme of recent election coverage has been that, as Trump losing looks increasingly likely, he …

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