Great Job, Internet!: Weezer sounds like it could use a nap in this slowed-down remix

One of the great advantages of vinyl records is that they lent themselves to experimentation on the part of the listener. A 45 RPM record could, for instance, be played at a lower speed, making the song sound not only lethargic but also supernaturally deep in pitch, as if the singer was a sleepy giant who had just eaten a large dinner before clomping into the studio. That basically describes the sound of this slowed-down YouTube remix of Weezer’s self-titled 1994 debut LP, the collection of songs colloquially known as The Blue Album. Posted by YouTuber 45sat33, who specializes in this kind of thing, the 55-minute video features all 10 songs from the classic album slowed down by 25.9 percent. Such favorites as “Buddy Holly,” “Undone,” and “Say It Ain’t So” are present and accounted for, each one sounding like it had been left in a hot …

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