Great Job, Internet!: Webseries Shark Jumping dares to explore the dark, sad world of failed TV pilots

The web series Shark Jumping, hosted by freelance journalist Beth Elderkin and Onion and StarWipe contributor Tim Sampson, is devoted to showcasing “the best, worst, and most hilarious TV shows and made-for-TV movies.” This summer, Shark Jumping is launching a series-within-a-series called Once A Pilot, focusing on failed pilots—those unhappy televisual experiments that were either canceled after a single episode or never picked up as a series. Some never even aired on network television, surfacing only in bootleg form on the internet. The timing for Shark Jumping could not be better, since summer is traditionally “pilot season” in Hollywood, when execs consider hundreds of pitches for potential TV shows. At the outset of their video, Elderkin and Sampson discuss the relentless Darwinism of the television industry. It is incredibly difficult to get a show on the air and keep it there for more than a season. Failures pile up …

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