Great Job, Internet!: Waterless toilets might just be the future of taking a crap

Our ability to walk into another room, poop in private, and flush the mess away is an incredible luxury that we take for granted. According to the World Health Organization, there are 2.4 billion people who don’t have access to toilets or covered latrines, and without those basic sanitation systems, drinking water is easily contaminated and diseases more readily spread. But transplanting plumbing as we know it into developing countries isn’t always possible. It’s expensive and requires hugely wasteful amounts of water that some communities don’t have, a problem that’s only going to get worse as populations keep increasing and climate change takes its toll. Universities and companies the world over are looking to reinvent waste management and help improve the lives of those billions without proper sanitation, and in a wonderful report for Mosaic that’s lengthy enough to last you at least …

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